The Referral ZOOM system is – A powerful sales generating system using a whole new mentality – that actually works. We’re not saying that referral selling  is a new thought, just not used near enough by professional sales people. By focusing sales time on building referrals as apposed to selling to end users only, productivity can sky rocket. How is this done?  Learning how to form a referral team leverages your time, builds opportunities, creates loyal customers, keeping customers for life and of course closing much more sales.  Simply put ReferralZOOM is a complete sales referral generating system.

It’s based on many years of real-life sales experience and building sales partners in the process. For many years my schooling has been the school of hard knocks until I found out that starting my sales cycle over ever month was very painful for me and not giving my customers the service they deserved. Then after selling for different sales organizations, I decided to start my own Internet marketing business, I found out very quickly that my customers really were looking for someone to help them drive business and build long term relationships.

This certainly is a two-way street, I was looking to help drive that business for them and was not looking for a short-life business. So the whole mentality of truly developing business partners as apposed to getting a sale and looking for next customer, I decided to spend my time looking for other people like myself that desired to build long lasting customers.

What I found was nothing short of sales system that would work for anyone, something I had never dreamed of, a multitude of sales people, business owners and customers that could use this system over and over. So this was a whole different way of selling and building my own sales team (referral team) while having fun in the process. This was the new (and never to return) to the old way of selling. Never to make cold calls, only make new contact with people that I could share / build referrals with. 


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